The Age Gap and How it Can Work

I began a relationship in December of last year with a man much older than myself. Our age gap has made me cautious about telling people his age or meeting him. I am a 21 year old college student in a sorority and he’s a 43 year old man working at Frost bank. We are at totally different spots in our lives, but somehow it works. My family refuses to meet him and although my sisters and friends like him I still know I have to watch how I bring up the relationship. We are the farthest thing from a perfect couple, but I’ve learned a lot about an age gap relationship in the past year and here’s my advice about making it work.

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By: Kat Lovell

Know your social habits

If your partner parties a lot and prefers the club to a Netflix night you need to be honest with yourself if you don’t like the same lifestyle. If your partner does drugs, smokes, plays a sport, or has any other significant habit that you know you can’t deal with in a partner long term, end it. My boyfriend and I work because we both enjoy drinking, but also like a night in once in awhile. Have a balance. Know your partner.

Be realistic about your expectations

I am in a sorority like I mentioned. We have many functions wherein people bring a date and I know that I can’t expect Daryl to come to those events. Although him and I work out I know he would have a hard time relating to a bunch of college aged guys while I run to the restroom. They would most certainly think he must be my uncle or a chaperon to the party. Realize each others boundaries and how or if you can make it work.

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By: Kat Lovell

Be honest with yourself about the future

Do you want one with this person or is is casual? Be completely honest with each other.

Keep the age bashing out

Don’t call your younger partner immature and quit with the old man comments in your fights. You chose to be with each other so you obviously already know your age. Realize you both may have room to grow and grow with each other. Overall, just don’t bring your partner down about something they can’t change. It’s that simple.

Lastly, and most importantly… Are you in it for the right reasons?

Self explanatory… Be honest. Understand why each of you is in this no matter what the answer is.


21 and Engaged: It’s Not Too Soon

If it were 50 years ago a couple being engaged at 18 would be no matter for controversy. Today however, young couples are plagued with judgments from family and friends if the big commitment is before some milestone like graduation

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By: Kat Lovell

or career attainment.  This is especially true for women who are often told not to settle for less in this economy where they make 73 cents on the dollar that a man does. Not only is there social sigma behind early engagement, but also the lingering questions of economic stability with both partners. Here is a couple who stands by their decision to make the commitment.

Find Your Special Someone Through Service

San Marcos has been through some tough times this past year. The flooding during memorial day, and then again the past few weeks, has devastated our city and put many of our community members out of their homes. I spent 5 hours this past week helping to clean up debris and restore our city through the Serve initiative. Seeing how close these problems are to home really woke me up to the fact that these problems affect us all.

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By: Kat Lovell

Secondly, I had a revelation that the man I want as my partner in crime needs to have a sense of responsibility to our community. The special man or woman in your life should have compassion for those around him or her. Wouldn’t want them to show such compassion through your own hard time? Or show that care to your future family?

Through our university, surrounding churches, or other organizations, each of us should try to give back a few times a year. This is a great way to build a relationship with your peers and possibly find a meaningful relationship with someone special.

To find out about volunteer opportunities check your Bobcat Mail account. The university sends out many notifications for help in the area. Also, I have used the website Volunteer Match to find the kinds of service that I would like best (like playing with puppies)! Let’s rebuild together! Eat ‘Em Up Cats!

Why the TXST Rec Should Be Your Home

Most people would agree that going to the gym can be a daunting task, especially as a student. Juggling school, work, social life and clubs fill our lives already. Getting up even earlier or staying up even later to workout is less than appealing. The benefits to working out however beat out any excuse not to go. There’s much more to the gym than boosting your physical appearance. Here’s why you should make the TXST Rec your home!

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BY: Colleen Payne

Reason: Fight the blues…

I’ve heard from many of my friends as well as other students that our hectic lives can often bring about depression, or depressive episodes. Whether you are having drama with your organization, stress over school, love troubles, or the horrible combination of everything happening at once, college can be the best time but also the worst.

Get your serotonin pumping with a regular trip to the gym. Don’t get discouraged by the buff babes walking around. Be there for yourself. Make your mental and your physical health a combination job. I interviewed many people at the TXST Rec and their #1 reason for coming was to feel better, inside and out.

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By: Kat Lovell

Reason: Get a Routine

The TXST Rec not only has a large floor with cardio and weights, it also has instructor led classes. If you’ve been wanting to check out yoga or start up Zumba, check out the TXST Rec website for more information. You’ll meet friends and have something to look forward to every week. There are free and paid classes so you can fit in your budget. No need to be around all the tools at the free weights every time you hit the gym.

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Reason: Hidden Gems at the Gym


After your hard workout and possibly a relaxing session of yoga check out the smoothie bar on your way out. They have plenty of yummy flavors as well as boosters you can put in for energy and metabolism.

Oh! Did you know we have a rock climbing wall too? I know we all won’t hop on a treadmill or push some iron, but learn to climb in the center so you can go on a student rock climbing adventure hosted through the rec. Once again a great way to meet people; maybe even your next special someone.

Lastly, if you’re too sore, or went to long on your workout you can sit at the couches and tables at the entrance of the rec. Here they have free wifi, university computers available and plenty of room to chat with your smoothie.


Let’s be honest here… There are far too many young people these days with premature type 2 diabetes and obesity. Be a model for your peers and take to being a little more healthy. You don’t need to be a size two or have rock hard abs, but the occasional workout can do wonders for the body.

Hope to see you at the TXST Rec soon

…Meet Me At The Square.


Why You Should Be a Yogi

I am a firm believer that you need to love yourself before you love anyone else. You may not be looking for love, but in order to strengthen any relationship you should have a solid relationship with yourself. That being said I have found yoga to be the perfect workout for any body type or age, but also my personal therapy session. My fellow blogger and good friend Hailey Kellum shows in her blog “Body Language,”  how-to steps for beginners.

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By Hailey Kellum

The best part about this blog is its visuals. It’s often hard to imagine yourself doing something unless you can see it, especially when it comes to workouts. Through her written word, pictures, GIFS, and videos she shows you how to get yourself moving through the flow of yoga.

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By: Kat Lovell

“By no means am I an expert on yoga. I’ve been practicing for a little over two years and I’m 100% self-taught. “-Body Language, Hailey Kellum.

This “self-taught” method of yoga proves how easy it can be to get started in the practice. That is what yoga is called “practice”. No one ever becomes perfect at this exercise. It is a lifelong endeavor to push your body in places you never knew it could.

“When I first started yoga I would always forget to breathe and that made everything so difficult … if I could go back and give myself one piece of advice to better my practice it would be to pay more attention to the breath.” -Body Language, Hailey Kellum.

Throughout all her posts Hailey emphasizes the importance of proper breathing. If you think about it our breath says a lot about how we’re feeling and thinking. Deep breaths are the best way to keep your mind in place and your body in balance. The repetition of important points like these is what makes Body Language a great read for anyone.

Lastly, her blog pictures and videos are so visually interesting that even if you aren’t interested in practicing you will want to see what this girl can do. The way she has trained her body to stretch blows even my mind and I have been on and off practicing for 3 years now. Her latest review on The Circus Girl Blog shows elements of her yoga training and fun Ariel silk moves that you could find at many Cirque du Soliel shows.

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By: Hailey Kellum

Learn to strengthen your body and your mind with this flexible beauty. Also check out her Twitter for any questions on her workouts.


5 Ways to Meet People on the Bus Cont’d…


3:Wear your personality.

By: SecertLDN
By: SecertLDN

We have all showed up to class in our pjs at one time or another. That’s okay. This point is to say you should always have something on that reflects who you are. Whether that is a sorority pin on your backpack, your basketball teams hat, or the latest pair of Kendra Scott’s, have something recognizable about you that makes others want to start a conversation. They too may be excited for the new Spurs season.

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By: Kat Lovell

4: Bring a friend along.

Its always easier to start a conversation with someone when you have a friend to talk to if it doesn’t turn out well. Invite a friend for the ride! Grab lunch  or study with them before heading to class. This one’s easy and also one of the easiest ways to meet to people anywhere. You don’t want to show up to the party alone.

5: Invite people to join you in your endeavors.

Becoming involved in your school or community is important for anyone look for new friends or that special someone. Invite the person next to you on the bus to join your community service project. Hand out flyers about an upcoming school event.  Ask strangers to answer questions for your blog. Making others feel important enough to be asked is the perfect confidence boosted and a great way to meet people on the bus.

5 Ways to Meet People on the Bus

Now that you’ve got your nails, eyebrows, and lashes on point its time to test drive your social skills. If you’re new in town or just moved to a new apartment its important to make connections with those around you. That is, unless you would prefer to be a hermit and hinder your chances for networking opportunities.  If you’re going to work you may need a coworker to take a shift. If you’re a student you may need a classmate to help on a project. There are a million reasons to connect with the people around you, especially for students looking to build a career. Below is a list of 5 solid ways to start and continue a dialog with strangers from point A to point B.

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By: Kevin McMuillins

1: Don’t be afraid to be awkward… They probably are too.

It’s called a comfort zone for a reason. We all are part introvert and extrovert. Most people would find it scary to walk up to a total stranger and just say “Hey, I’m so and so.” However, this isn’t how you have to go about sparking up a conversation with someone you don’t know. I asked several people how they would start a conversation with someone on the bus.

“Well I’m a pretty socially awkward person. That being said, that’s what pushes me to start conversations. It pushes me out of my comfort zone and I like that…” -Mario Salinas, 21, San Antonio, TX.

Realize that you aren’t alone in being weird! Try to recognize those around you and relate their gestures with your attitude or personality. This is step one in getting the conversation rolling. Unless you have a doctoral degree in communication or the gift of always knowing what to say, you’ve had awkward encounters.  Embrace that. You never know if your dorkiness is exactly what your next BFF or significant other is looking for.

2: Get off your phone!

This point is pretty self explanatory. Do you ever look around in a restaurant, bus, or class, and realize we don’t actually talk anymore? Don’t you remember riding the bus in middle school and the volume of conversation made it necessary to yell to be heard! I got in trouble plenty of times for walking around the isle to talk to a friend. You get on the Bobcat shuttle today and you can hear the sips of coffee being guzzled before class. GET OFF YOUR PHONE!!! You may catch that hot Tweet that was just posted, but you just missed the love of your life sitting next to you because an update was more important. This may sound over-exaggerated, but why chance that possibility? If this video doesn’t make you want to put down your phone… Nothing will.

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By: Kat Lovell

Stay tuned for reasons 3-5 on How to Meet People on the Bus…


Amazing Nails

Every woman out there knows the tiny details of your look can make you feel 100x more confident when walking into a room. Even the smallest thing like a new pair of Kendra Scott earrings can make you feel like you’ve blossomed over night. That said, one of the first things a lady should do when moving into a new town is find a good nail salon to make her own. Not every place is perfect for everyone but I’ve found my fit in San Marcos. At Amazing Nails salon you will find affordable pricing and a warm atmosphere that makes you feel at home.

By: Kat Lovell
By: Kat Lovell

As a college student the first thing on my mind when going out is affordability. At Amazing Nails you will find that your beauty needs are well within the reach of your wallet. For just $15 you can get a manicure with vitamin e lotion massage and paraffin wax treatment. Need to fix a few broken acrylic nails and new polish coat? Don’t worry about paying for a whole new set of nails! They’ll fix up the broken ones and hook you up with your new hot color without the high cost. Their overall service pricing brings me back every time.

But wait! They don’t just do nails here. It’s called amazing for a reason! My favorite beauty buy is a set of lash extensions. I take plenty of vitamins but can’t seem to get my eyelashes growing in thick, so I stop in from time to time to get luscious lashes that last for weeks. Most places in town charge upwards of $50, but at Amazing nails they are only $35. From nails, to facials, massages, and more try out Amazing Nails on Aquarena before your night out in San Marvelous.

Square One

It seems that in the modern age of romance the word “dating” is as feared as a dive from the high board in elementary school. Never before has the culture of relationships been so dynamically impersonal and restrained in a society built on the idea of freedom of expression. Here in the great city of San Marcos I plan to break down why that is and search through the diversities of college dating.This is not only for college students, but for newcomers to the city, and all the way to the newly divorced moms looking for any idea of how today’s dating climate is. From the best place to get your eyebrows waxed before your night out, to advice on relationship longevity after college, I will splash head first through the ins-and-outs of San Marvelous courtship.

By: Kat Lovell
By: Kat Lovell

Here is a bit about the woman behind the blog. My name is Kat Lovell. Yes, it’s short for Katherine as many people unexpectedly ask me from time to time. I am a 21 year-old junior at Texas State University where I study Electronic Media. I moved to Spring Branch, Texas at the age of 10 where I later attended the mighty Ranger football world of Smithson Valley High School. Growing up with three brothers and under the hand of my Marine bred father, I was strictly sports and grade driven until about 14 years-old when I realized boys didn’t exactly find my soccer shorts and boyish haircut to be attractive. I now work promoting in the San Antonio area and act/model through Avant Agency. I’ve also recently joined the wonderful Delta Gamma sorority that has graciously taken me under their wing. If you find yourself with any curiosity check out my Facebook.

Lastly, why have I decided on this topic? I mean I could’ve picked something like toast, but I’m not sure even I would stick around long enough to read through it, let alone put effort into writing about it. I am fascinated by the complexities of human nature. The most important of which is the relations we have with one another. From the very understanding of science we would not survive as a species if we didn’t like each other sometimes. More specifically however, I picked this topic to learn more about the city I live in and the crazy, weird, beautiful, and diverse people I get to live around.  This pool we call romance can be hard to dive into, but come take a little dip along the ride. Meet Me at the Square…